What is FreightPOP?

FreightPOP is the easy TMS. We are a technology distribution company that has experienced many of the same shipping and logistics challenges that you have over the past 20 years. We decided to create a better way to handle shipping and logistics for those of us using spreadsheets or those that are completely frustrated with traditional transportation management systems (TMS). We have done both, spreadsheets, and spent the money on a traditional TMS which left us with a very expensive and over complicated system that vastly underperformed expectations. We’ve all become accustomed to apps that are simple and easy to use without sacrificing functionality. FreightPOP is designed to be one of those, either as a web or mobile app.

Why Use Transportation Management Systems?

Which carrier is less expensive to ship with: Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, an LTL carrier, a freight forwarder or a local courier? It depends on your contracted rates, where it’s shipping from and to, and other shipment details. More importantly it depends on how many carriers you shop. We’ve developed the solution to cut the guesswork out, FreightPOP.


Simple Enterprise Level Freight Shopping

Who has time to fill out long forms? Choose from text or voice input to get quotes from multiple carriers across all modes. Receive accurate quotes using ALL your carrier contracted rates and your account numbers in seconds. You’ll also have the ability to see rates from hundreds of other carriers. Explore how your company can benefit from the app that is truly forward thinking.

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Works Across All Devices

We live in a mobile world. Freight and the supply chain are no longer managed just from a PC. Shop, process, report or analyze freight from your smart-phone or tablet while on the go. Why have your team be tied down to a PC? Leverage both mobile and web platforms for workers that are mobile some of the time, but desk-bound during others.

Complete Enterprise Solution

Complete processing, reporting, analytics, and freight invoice audits make this a comprehensive solution. We kept the full functionality of an enterprise TMS and packaged it into an intuitive mobile app. Freight shop across all modes for domestic and international small package and large shipments. Process shipments, print shipping labels, obtain quotes, access valuable tools, run and create reports, access true analytics and ensure correct billing, all with FreightPOP.


Carrier rate comparison tools

Single window rate shopping

Processing, labels and document printing

Address search technology

Centralized tracking tools

Freight invoice auditing


Unit of measure conversion/density tools

Order/Inventory system integration